A full-blooded downhill tech trail.


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Trestle DH is Trestle Bike Park's quintessential downhill tech trail.

This full-on DH trail is filled with big rocks, drops, roots, sharp switchbacks with drops in the middle—all manner of gnar.

In the toughest spots, multiple line options are available.

For example, some of the biggest drops can easily be avoided if you so desire. One stand-out section of the trail is known as the "Waterfall." After a tight lefthand turn, you'll into a cascading series of drops and eroded lines.

It might look tricky when you roll up on it, but a quick scope of the section reveals multiple possible lines through the gnar. The relentless gnar and fast, straight lines make Trestle DH a common race run for the many Enduro and downhill races that have been held at Trestle over the years. As the years roll on and the racers keep pounding this trail, Trestle DH continues to get rougher, the troughs deeper, and the obstacles gnarlier and nastier.

That said, its double black diamond rating might be overstating the difficulty a bit: this is nowhere near as difficult as a BC double black.

Even so, it's one of the toughest trails at Trestle, so we've followed their lead and have given it an "Extreme" difficulty rating.