You'll find big tables with steep lips on this fabulous jump trail!


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Trestle Bike Park is rebuilding many of their jump trails to modernize their jump design.

The new jumps feature steeper lips that are squared off on top, and the landings feature taller knuckles.

Even though they're still considered table tops, there's a U-shaped dip in the top of these new modern tables. At the time of this writing in fall of 2023, Spicy Chicken is the latest trail to have been rebuilt.

After the rebuild, the flow on Spicy Chicken is superb—beautifully sculpted berms and towering jump lips.

In fact, the jumps on Spicy Chicken are now much more difficult than the jumps on the upper section of Rainmaker, even though the trail map still shows this as an intermediate trail and Rainmaker as an advanced trail.

However, more changes may be coming—stay tuned! This top-to-bottom run begins on the beautifully reworked hits on Spicy Chicken and then funnels into the iconic Rainmaker jump line.

This route combination skips the easier hits on Upper Rainmaker and then drops into the progressively bigger hits on the lower mountain. As you descend, the jumps generally continue to get bigger and bigger.

Lower down, several of the jumps have downright massive lips and gaps.

While generally speaking, these jumps aren't technically doubles, on the biggest of jumps, you'll really want to clear the knuckle and nail the landing.

On these large jumps, even the "small" lips are still pretty damn big! Thankfully, even on the big doubles, there are ride-around options or wooden bridges spanning the gap that allow you to roll through and scope out the line before going full send.

Remember: pre-ride, re-ride, then freeride!