From rocky and technical to smooth single tracks


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



The route starts downhill.

The Saratoga Gap trail is pretty rocky and technical, with some short exposed areas looking west towards the ocean.

The views of the valley are stunning tho, and pictures don't give justice to it. After the Saratoga Gap trail, arriving at the Castle Rock Trail camp, the terrain becomes a little less rocky and more runnable.

At this point there is also more tree coverage helping during hot days.

A little bridge to cross Craig Springs Creek and hopping to Traversine Springs Trail, moving west and joining the Saratoga Toll Rd Trail moving west (if you want to cut it short, you can take the same Saratoga Toll Rd Trail east to get to Skyline road quicker). From Saratoga Toll Rd Trail, keep right to Beekhius Rd Trail to then join Skyline Ro the Sea Trail going north. This trail runs close enough to the road that you can hear cars but far enough you still feel in nature. Follow Skyline to the Sea Trail crossing the road instead of joining the Summit Meadows Trail.

The trail still runs next to the road for a while, and then cross the road once again instead of going onto the Achistaca Trail. You will reach the big Skyline Rd / Saratoga Gap intersection to jump onto the Skyline Trail on the east side of the road.

The Skyline Trail is smooth and not very technical, rolling but overall going uphill.

After the intersection to the Summit Rock Loop trial (which you have to ignore and keep going on Skyline trail), you will see a sign to cross the road to the to Castle Rock State Park.

After crossing the road, turn north to get back to the Castle Rock Ranger Kiosk.