Get a lift-served assistance on your way to the top of the Wasatch Trail.


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While the Wasatch Trail is most often completed as a loop, you can also access the trail from the top of the Telluride Gondola to eliminate some of the strenuous climbing.

The route shown here heads to the Wasatch Trail's high point before turning around and ripping back down to the valley floor. To get there, begin by climbing the See Forever / Wasatch Connection Trail.

After about 1,700 feet of climbing, you'll reach the high point on a ridge, looking down at the Bear Creek Drainage and the stunning Wasatch trail from an incredible vantage point.

A quick descent into the drainage follows, but more climbing ensues. From the Bear Creek Drainage, you'll have to climb another 1,500 vertical feet to reach the Wasatch Trail's high point at 13,061 feet.

Here you'll enjoy staggering high-alpine scenery, with the jaw-dropping San Juan mountains all around you.

Keep your eyes peeled for alpine wildlife, like marmots.

Once done enjoying the high alpine terrain, turn around and get ready for the fun part! The descent off the top of the pass consists of narrow singletrack running through exposed high-alpine terrain.

You will have to navigate tight switchbacks, loose rocks, and exposed ledges on your way down to the Bear Creek drainage.

Some sections of trail are quite exposed, with consequential fall danger. The descent shown here follows the East Fork Bear Creek trail, which is a bit more difficult than the classic Wasatch Trail.

You can opt to head further west to bypass this section if you prefer. The trail will eventually smooth out and follow a fast, flowy singletrack along the creek.

You will pass by some historic mining structures and more waterfalls before popping out on the outskirts of Telluride. **Note:** In order to access the cross country trails off the top of the Telluride Gondola during bike park hours (9am-5pm), you'll need to purchase a cross country season pass (which costs $75), a bike park day ticket (which costs $62), or a bike park season pass (which costs $395).

(All prices are current as of the 2023 season.) The bike park day ticket and season pass also include the downhill trails, whereas the cross country pass does not.

Alternatively, you can either begin your ride before 9am or after 5pm to avoid this fee on the cross country trails.