Climb a little summit which enjoys fabulous views across Split and the Adriatic Sea


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[This hike was made by for Revolution Race as part of the Campsite knowledge base] This walk is a great little adventure that starts right in the middle of Split.

AND it ends at one of the best beaches around, where there's several beach clubs.

So once you've completed the hike you can reward yourself with a dip and maybe a drink.

Starting up some stairs, this route takes you to the summit of Marjan, Telegrin peak where there is a seriously big Croatian flag.

Telegrin peak is also a great place for people interested by history as there are small plaquettes explaining the history.

The big white cross that is erected here was taken down during WWII to make this place harder to identify from the air. Just after the peak there is a play ground for kids, and it is well shaded, so an excellent place to take a rest and take in the feeling of having completed the 300 steps from Old Town Split. Some stretches of this walk is shaded from the sun, some are exposed, prepare accordingly with sun screen/hats etc. There are several water outlets along the way where you can both refill your water bottle and cool off your head.

But please make sure to bring at least a big bottle per person, this hike is in a seriously warm place.

And going up means that it is even warmer. Once you near the end the beach is spectacular and the view gorgeous.

It is very well worth the effort. And you can catch a bus back from the main road, it's approximately €2 and can be paid with card directly on the bus (Contactless)