Explore a peaceful corner of southwest Paris


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[This hike was made by adventus.se for Revolution Race as part of the Campsite knowledge base] This hike starts at the train station Chaville Rive Gauche that is serviced by train from Paris Montparnasse, only 20 minutes by train.

It is an easy walk, no steep sections and no real technical sections.

Very well suited area to go for a walk with children, both because of the accrobranche, but also because it is easy to shorten or lengthen the walk depending on energy levels, and there's a few places to catch a train back towards Paris. Most of the track is on dirt roads, but there are lots of little trails to explore in between the trees, so consider this track a guide. If you do follow the track, you will experience a lush forest, lots green.

It will take you through an accrobranche (tree top adventure) in the beginning that is really cool for both kids and adults alike.

At the end of route des Treize Points there an old ritual grounds where people used to sacrifice for their beliefs.

There's an old oak and rock formations that are interesting, perfect if your kid has school work in history or geography.

On the way here there's a few exhibitions that explain the wildlife and fauna found in the forest in a fun and interactive way.

The route ends at the Observatory Terrasse, a giant grassed area with exceptional views of Paris, you can see both the Eiffel Tower and Tour Montparnasse from here.

At the entrance to the terrasses there's a water fountain where you can refill your water bottle.

There isn't anywhere in the forest to buy water or food, so bring the supplies that you need.

You will not be very exposed to the sun, however during summer, Paris can get really hot, so be sure to check the conditions before going.