Pedal through the visually-stunning depths of Canyonlands National Park on this 4-day guided tour.



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The White Rim Road, running through Canyonlands National Park, is one of Utah’s premier multi-day mountain bike rides.

While the classic route is 100 miles long, the full loop requires a long stretch of pavement riding, and one particularly boring stretch of dirt road after you've left the boundaries of Canyonlands National Park.

If you want to skip to the good part, [Western Spirit Cycling runs a guided trip]( on the 80 best miles of the route, spread out over 4 days and 3 nights. While the entire White Rim Road is actually a jeep road and not a singletrack trail, most riders still choose a mountain bike as their weapon of choice.

Between sandy sections and rough rock slabs, the forgiveness and traction of a mountain bike are much more comfortable and confidence-inspiring than opting for a skinny-tired gravel bike. The goal of the trip isn't ripping rad singletrack, but rather total immersion in the stunningly beautiful wilderness of Canyonlands.

Around every corner, a new rock formation emerges—deep canyons, massive rock walls, towering spires, natural arches, and narrow slot canyons. While stunningly beautiful, the White Rim is logistically difficult to coordinate.

All travel on the White Rim road requires a permit, and you must have specific permits and reservations for the campsites you plan to use.

And worst of all: there's no water resupply points along the vast majority of the route. Thankfully, if you book a tour with [Western Spirit](, you won't have to worry about any of these problems.

They'll haul your gear, food, and water from one campsite to the next, allowing you to ride light and fast.

And most impressive of all: they will also prepare gourmet meals for you in the heart of the backcountry—a true treat! Sometimes, the added convenience of a guided tour is worth paying a little extra for. For more information, read our detailed breakdown of the trip in this guidebook: "[Mountain Bike the White Rim: 4 Days, 3 Nights, Clockwise]("