Hills and lakes in the most popular valley of Brusson


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the huge Estoul parking lot, follow signs to the Arp Refuge, a popular destination.

The first part of the route is entirely on a farm road (if you wish, you can cut some parts on a trail).

Leaving aside the junction to Lake Litteran that is encountered at the halfway point, after about 5km the Refuge appears before us.

From here we follow the path that starts right behind the hut, with posts indicating the Valfredda Lakes, i.e., the next destination, all on easy trail.

Having met the lakes, continue to their left, climbing up to the col from which there is a beautiful view of the entire Champoluc Valley, with Matterhorn and Monte Rosa in the background.

Turn left and start to walk all the way along the ridge line, quite easy and marked, only two small sections that are a bit exposed and equipped make this trail EE.

At the end of the ridge we find ourselves at Colle Palasinaz, from here the descent into the midst of the lakes of the same name begins, and on an easy path we return to the farm track that leads us to our starting point.