Spectacular scenery and great trails less than an hour from Denver


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Close to Denver and easily accessed on good roads, this is an increasingly popular trail in a lovely part of Colorado.

The trail has its own designated parking lot but the growing popularity of this hike means that it can be full, and erosion on the pullouts around it is an issue - please choose another hike if the parking lot is full! Assuming you bagged a parking spot you are in for a treat - this is a great little hike with a variety of scenery and a nice feeling of wilderness, despite it lying so close to Denver.

The trail is well signposted and there are several variations on it, but we've shown the classic version of the trip.

All of the various options are well maintained and the signposting makes them easy to follow, so there is very little to worry about navigation-wise! In terms of scenery, most of the hike is in forests but there are several points at which the trees open up and enable you to view your surroundings.

The Maxwell Falls themselves are - and we have to be honest here - not the most spectacular sight in Colorado, but they are peaceful, and perfect for sitting next to whilst enjoying a picnic.

The falls are essentially a series of small drops that the water runs over - come expecting serenity rather than Niagara Falls and you won't be disappointed! Drift back to the parking lot to complete the loop and tick off a Colorado classic!