3. Etappe: Wilsede - Schneverdingen


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Goodbye Wilsede, hello you beautiful Heidetal.

Only two kilometres from Wilsede lies the most beautiful Heide valley, the Totengund.

The view into one of the oldest Heather Valleys is captivating, but the stage is still long.

Nobody really means where the name comes from, but there are many stories about it.

We continue to the stone ground, which directly adjoins the Death Ground.

As the trail continues, Bronze Age burial mounds rise up again and again from the landscape.

A blackboard informs you about the burial rites of our ancestors.

In Niederhaverbeck the nature information of the association Naturschutzparken e.V.

awaits you.

The nature information house is ideal for a hiking break, because here you get detailed information about the nature conservation area Lüneburger Heide.

Through the valley of the Haverbeeke it goes up to the 104 meter high Wümmeberg.

A cozy place for a hiking break with a view.

The white "F" leads down towards Osterheide, one of the largest contiguous heath areas.

Quite unexpectedly, the path leads past a lake in the middle of the heath, the New Year's Eve Lake.

Shortly before Schneverdingen, a detour to Pietzmoor is worthwhile.

Here you can walk for miles on boardwalks through the moor.