Fantastic Northwest-Facing Bowl with Great Variety









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Lookout Bowl is probably the better choice between skiing it or Bull Run.

Although it requires a longer traverse, it offers more vertical and better isolation.

Lookout Bowl is located on the backside of Deadwood Peak.

To get here, take Deadwood Bowl to the Mokelumne Canyon access ridge and hike the ridge until you pass Bull Run and reach the saddle right before the peak.

Drop in and immediately traverse skiers' left.

This is the most stressful part as you're right above 100ft+ cliffs.

From there, sidestep a bit uphill until you reach the entrance to Lookout Bowl.

Lookout Bowl has 4 main routes down.

The signature, best, and easiest ways down are the 2 lines furthest skiers' left.

They offers the widest experience and fantastic turns.

The 2 lines skiers' right offer slightly more vertical but take an additional sidestep to reach.

They're also a little more technical and narrow which might not be what you're looking for.

You'll eventually filter into the lower half of the run-out for The Emigrant Chutes which will take you all the way to the bottom of this zone.

Definitely a great bowl run that's worth trying if you're willing to put in the effort to make it all the way out here!