Extremely gnarly and perilous line down the North Face









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Northman's Chute is one of the gnarlier ways down the North Face that doesn't require mandatory air or outrageous straightlining.

It can be accessed by hiking to the start of the North Face and skiing to the entrance of NW Notch Chute.

From here, the chute will be skiers' right of the entrance to NW Notch Chute.

The first part is the most challenging and can involve a brief mandatory straightline dependent on seasonal snow totals.

A roped descent might also be required if snow totals are really poor.

Things remain tough even after this section as you have some massive cliffs and some really tight sections to navigate through.

For the second half of the chute, traverse a bit further skiers' left for a really fun crescent-shaped chute between two large rock fields.

After this, the pitch remains very steep but there are no more very tight sections and you can ski the remainder of the North Face.

Northman's Chute is an extremely technical chute that offers one of the most consistently challenging lines in the area.

Definitely a great step up from the slightly easier Northern Traverse.