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Way Out There is one of the most challenging zones to reach in this area.

Not only do you have to do several hikes and traverses to get here, but you even need to do an additional hike back to get back to the drainage where the rest of the Deadwood Backside Runs filter into.

However, it's well worth it as almost skis this area.

Little do people know, Way Out There is one of the most interesting and playful areas in the Deadwood Roundtop Backcountry Ski Area.

It has several really fun rock drops and pillows and offers both bowl terrain and tree terrain that you can ski.

It's really like a choose your own adventure game as this massive area truly has so much variety and untouched snow.

Skiers' right of the zone is more alpine and has a series of really fun rock and cliff drops.

Skiers' left of the zone is more gladed and even has a few fun drops in the trees if you know where to look.

Even the descent from the summit of the peak where this run officially starts to the start of this zone is super fun.

TLDR, Way Out There is one of the most interesting and varied zones in this massive backcountry ski area and shouldn't be overlooked by those who want one of the purest backcountry ski experiences out there!