Easiest way down Peak 10. Removed from trail map, but remains open to guests









FATMAP difficulty grade



Union is a former marked blue run down the North side of Peak 10.

It was removed from the trail map in the 2002 season to discourage intermediate skiers to come up to the primarily advanced/expert only Peak 10., While it has been removed from the trail map, it remains a legit and open trail at the resort that intermediates can talk down.

Although it's debatable whether the runs down the main face of Peak 10 are intermediate or advanced, Union is definitely intermediate and is a great way to scope out the Peak 10 blacks without having to actually commit to them.

It's also a great way to escape the wind on really bad days as it's not nearly as exposed as the runs going down the main face.

You can access Union from the lower Spitfire entrance.

The run is very much a catwalk and quite flat.

Union will merge onto Upper Lehman on Peak 9 and you can that trail all the way down to the base of Peak 10. It's still discouraged to ride up the Falcon Superchair as an intermediate.

However, if you want to checkout what Peak 10 is all about and still ski a safe way down, Union is the best way to do so.