Crazy steep run in Lochan's Cirque









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Primal Instinct is a ridiculous run located in Lochan's Cirque.

This run is the one of two marked way through the series of cliff bands (along with its sister run Renegade which is a bit more challenging).

However there are other unmarked ways down the Cirque that actually involve mandatory air.

Neither Primal Instinct or Renegade involve any cliff drops but definitely provide options for some.

The run starts off a quite steep with a large cliff in the center of the initial face that you must traverse around.

The run momentarily flattens out before reaching it's crux: a ridiculous couloir between two large cliffs.

Depending on the year, this couloir can either require jump turns or a brutally long straightline.

If you're forced to straightline, then you'll pick up some serious speed.

Watch out for some decently sized cliffs at the bottom of this area and you must ski a bit skiers' right to avoid them.

If you're able to jump-turn the couloir, then you have some really playful drops that you can send after you clear the couloir.

Just be weary of the speed that you pick up.

Primal Instinct is one of those rare runs that fully maintains its insanity all the way till the bottom.

This is one of the gnarliest runs in the area and should really be attempted only if you're fully comfortable skiing down the main Cirque traverse.