First ever winter summit to Mt Loharkot II till date.


7 - 8









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Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the heart of the Ganderbal District, where the enchanting journey begins in the picturesque village of Fraw or Pharao.

This trek promises an unforgettable experience, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, challenging terrain, and breathtaking panoramic views.

For those with a high endurance threshold, conquering this trek in a single day becomes an option, making it an ideal choice for summer exploration. As the trek unfolds, participants are treated to a feast for the senses, with the trail meandering through beautiful landscapes adorned with towering pine trees.

The air is infused with the invigorating aroma of the forest, creating a sensory symphony that accompanies trekkers throughout the journey.

The summer season enhances the allure of this adventure, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable trekking experience. One of the highlights of this trek is the opportunity to witness a 360-degree spectacle of renowned peaks such as Mt Thajiwas, Mt Harmukh, and Kolahai.

The grandeur of these peaks, standing tall against the backdrop of the sky, provides an awe-inspiring vista that leaves an indelible mark on the memory of trekkers.

The panoramic view extends to the entire range of Pir Panjal, adding to the majesty of the surroundings. For nature enthusiasts, the trek unveils the pristine beauty of lakes such as Dothsar 1 and 2, Loharkot Lake, and Purani Ganga.

These shimmering bodies of water reflect the surrounding peaks, creating a mesmerizing tableau.

The trek offers a rare chance to catch a glimpse of the elusive Himalayan ibex, adding an element of wildlife intrigue to the adventure. Caution is advised against planning this trek in the winter, as the harsh conditions pose significant challenges.

However, during the summer season, the trail transforms into a haven for trekkers seeking an immersive connection with nature.

The beauty of the trails, combined with the diverse array of landscapes and the promise of captivating views, make this trek from Fraw or Pharao village an unmissable expedition for those seeking an escape into the untamed wilderness.