A wide open face provides some fast, furious skiing.


2 - 3









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Accessed from the Huckleberry Hut, or, if you want a really big mission, as a day trip from Highway 6, this is a brilliant ski line from a beautifully-positioned peak.

Start the day by touring up the well-traveled ski/snowmobile track which winds up through forests to the col separating Midday and Cabin Peaks.

Initially the trees lining the track are dense, but as you climb they thin out and allow you to observe the terrain surrounding you.

Snowmobiles come up the track regularly, so keep an eye and ear out for them as you ascend.

The gradient is mellow and the track completely obvious, so treat the journey up to the col as an enjoyable warmup, and an easy way to gain some altitude. From the col, branch off right and climb up the blunt south ridge of Cabin Peak.

The skin to the summit gets more scenic with every step, and more and more peaks appear on the horizon as the minutes pass.

The terrain of Whitewater ski area and the [Ymir Lodge](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/136483/classic-kootenay-ski-tours-from-the-ymir-lodge) is close by, as are the peaks of [Bonnington Range](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/123094/the-beautiful-bonnington-range-ski-traverse) and other Kootenay sub ranges.

Upon arriving at the summit, poke around looking for the best entrance to the face.

The entrance feels steeper than it looks, and can be corniced, so take your time when selecting a way in.

The face is wide, open and a perfect angle for avalanches, so only commit to skiing it when you're confident that conditions are right. Once on the face, GS turns await! The angle just pulls you down faster and faster so pin your ears back and enjoy the ride! The face naturally leads you into a gully which needs a fairly thick snowpack to be enjoyably skiable.

Follow this into dense trees and back to the hut.