A superb ski face, covered in possible lines


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This is a brilliant and accessible ski face which is just begging to be lapped! Start the day by touring up the well-traveled ski/snowmobile track which winds up through forests to the col separating Midday and Cabin Peaks.

Initially the trees lining the track are dense, but as you climb they thin out and allow you to observe the terrain surrounding you.

Snowmobiles come up the track regularly, so keep an eye and ear out for them as you ascend.

The gradient is mellow and the track completely obvious, so treat the journey up to the col as an enjoyable warmup, and an easy way to gain some altitude. From the col, swing around to the left and climb up the rounded north ridge of Midday Peak.

The skin to the summit gets more scenic with every step, and more and more peaks appear on the horizon as the minutes pass.

The terrain of Whitewater ski area and the [Ymir Lodge](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/136483/classic-kootenay-ski-tours-from-the-ymir-lodge) is close by, as are the peaks of [Bonnington Range](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/123094/the-beautiful-bonnington-range-ski-traverse) and other Kootenay sub ranges.

There are multiple possible lines from the top, but those due northeast from the summit are steep, rocky, and reserved only for expert skiers operating on a fat snowpack.

The easier (but still plenty steep enough) terrain lies just to the north and south of the main summit, and we've shown 2 suggested descent routes.

The line north of the summit follows some steep trees into a vague gully and more open terrain, and the southern option shown here is mellower but more consistent.

Both are steep enough for avalanches to be a consideration so make sure conditions are right before dropping into either.

Both of the descent lines drawn here are just vague guides - use them to locate the drop in points and then follow your nose to the best exact route! With the skin track set to the summit, lap the slope to your heart's content!