The most popular trail system in the Atlanta Metro Area offers trails for every breed of mountain biker.


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Blankets Creek is renowned as the most popular mountain bike trail system in the greater Atlanta area.

While located a respectable ways outside of the city center, the high quality, well-built singletrack trails in this network attract riders from all over the Atlanta Metro Area.

It’s quite common to roll up to the trailhead on a weekend and not even be able to find a place to park, causing cars to spill out onto the road. Should that dissuade you from riding the trails here? Maybe… but this network is popular for a very good reason.

SORBA Woodstock has done a great job building these trails, and they maintain them to a very high standard.

In fact, they’ve rebuilt the Van Michael trail to make use of modern trail building techniques to improve the flow and sustainability. Since this network features multiple trails, there’s something here for just about every rider.

Whether you’re a complete beginner and just stick to the easy Mosquito trail, to a more advanced rider tackling the rigors of Van Michael, or even a full-blown dirt jumper throwing down on the big doubles of The Holler, Georgia’s red clay beckons shredders of all stripes to flock from the city out into the rolling hills along the shores of Allatoona Lake.