A tough ascent to the highpoint over Red Rocks Amphitheater.


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This trail punches more or less straight up a ridgeline to the summit of Mount Morrison, the high point over the town of Morrison and Red Rocks.

It’s a challenge, but well worth it for the workout and the views on top.

The trailhead is in Red Rocks Park, near the world-famous amphitheater where concerts are held almost every evening in the summer.

You may hear the bands start to play down below if you hike in the cool of the evening. Unlike most trails in the area, this one is closed to mountain bikes.

Right away, you’ll encounter the steep grades that are suitable for hikers and trail runners only.

The beginning is strenuous, but it gives way to easier terrain in the middle section. You must go up and over some tantalizing false summits before the real objective becomes apparent.

You’ll know you’re on the final push when the trail becomes especially rocky and steep.

You may even have to use your hands for support in a place or two, but the fall risk is minimal. Finally, the trail leaves the rocks and returns to a dirt path at the top of the mountain.

Relax and enjoy this beautiful, often windy, and rarely crowded summit.

On a clear day, you can see a lot of prominent Rocky Mountain peaks, including 14ers like Evans and Longs. Return the way you came, using special caution on the steep sections.

The views are arguably even better on the way down, because the expansive view is before you the whole time, instead of over your shoulder like on the way up. Sources: https://www.summitpost.org/mount-morrison/790630 http://www.gohikecolorado.com/mt-morrison.html