Proper Gilfert summit from Innerst


4 - 5









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Ski tour from Innerst via the Nonsalm to the Gilfert To Gilfert: Directly from the parking lot at the checkpoint sign, turn briefly left and then across a steep meadow straight up to the edge of the forest, where you enter Nurpensweg.

Shortly along the forest path to the right and after a few meters turn left again onto the Astenweg (1390 m).

After a few meters, immediately turn right again across steep meadows to Marxenhageraste, Oberschröckenaste and on to Eggeraste.

Keep a little to the right through the sparse forest to the northeast until you reach Nonsweg.

Either continue up through the forest and to the right on the Nonsalmweg, comfortably flat to the open alpine areas west of the Nonsalm.

Shortly left at the edge of the forest up and where the alpine path turns right to the alpine buildings to the left of a stream to the northeast up to the edge of the forest and through sparse forest westwards to a flat ground (Böckenloch, 1880 m), where the ascent track from the Hausstatt via the Saugrasweg is also flows in. Flatter eastwards for a short while until the terrain begins to steepen quite a bit.

Continue in the same direction over short steep slopes and through hollows to the right of the ridge, south past the weather cross, finally the last few meters on the wide ridge to the mighty summit cross. Descent: If conditions are safe, go back a few meters along the ascent track and then turn left over beautiful slopes westwards down to the Nonsalm (1785 m).

On the Nonsweg back to Eggeraste and along the beautiful meadow slopes down to Innerst. Attention: From the 2020/21 winter touring season there will be a new parking guidance system at the “Hausstatt” and “Innerst” car parks .

Also information about the ski and shuttle bus and the new tariffs.