Awesome line off High Baldy.









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Center of Gravity is a long narrow couloir off High Baldy.

This line seems very hidden but it's quite obvious and hidden in plain sight when you're riding Peruvian or the tram.

To get here you'll need to take the hike to High Baldy and traverse all the way to the Alta / Snowbird ridge.

Remember to not traverse too far.

From there that's where this line is tricky to find without a local.

When you dip into the trees try to ski slowly to avoid going down too far.

When you reach an open area without any trees that's when you're getting closer.

Ski to the right and scope out the snow to find a ridge shoulder.

When you reach that shoulder you'll be at Center of Gravity.

Keep in mind it may take you a few tries to find.

This is a long couloir with big rock walls and trees.

The drop in is quite short but technical having a steep face with rocks littered about.

Once you pass the drop in you'll be inside the heart of the chute (There's also another entrance that's only skiable in really deep snow years that involves sidestepping and dropping a 15 - 20 ft cliff but I don't recommend it).

Depending on the snowpack the chute may be more narrow but the snow is usually excellent.

This run seems to reward long sweeping controlled S turns as the rock walls are staggered so it never get's too narrow, but it still would be smart to do hop turns at the bottom of the run as that's when it gets the smallest.

Once you get to the bottom you'll ski another layer of trees until you're funneled back to Chip's Run.

Remember to ski with extreme caution and obey all signs and warnings.