Glenshee Ski Area access route to Glas Maol for walkers, ski-tourers & Splitboarders providing a means to travel through the ski-area safely.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This route is designed for both the novice and expert alike providing a route through the Glenshee ski area that offers an accessible but efficient ascent past Meall Odhar to Glas Maol, whilst avoiding traffic conflicts with downhill skiers and resort operations.

This route is within the ski-area and offers Ski-Patrol emergency cover.

The route commences at the upper/Blairgowrie side carpark of the Glenshee Ski Area, worth highlighting the carparks are the property of the ski area so please follow parking guidance and pay for parking.

QR codes are on the route start signs. After parking look for the route start sign with the route itself ascending east-north-east up an initially steep incline.

Once over the brow the route tracks east round the fall away keeping to the high ground toward the base of the Caenlochan Poma. From here take a South-East direction across the col to Glas Maol. Descent is a simple case of retracing your steps from the ascent. This route, although in the ski-area, is situated in the Scottish Mountains, for the purposes of safety we recommend considering your journey.

We have a handy 6 point guide here -