Cairngorm Ski Area access route for ski-tourers & Splitboarders providing a means to travel through the ski-area safely.









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With fine views this route provides a route to the top of the ski resort offering an efficient ascent up the windy ridge via the Daylodge Poma track and M2 piste to the Ptarmigan top station, whilst avoiding the Coire Cas bowl and hence traffic conflicts with downhill skiers and resort operations.

This route is within the ski-area and offers Ski-Patrol emergency cover. Note: this route has a steep incline from the start ascending direct up the falline and requires a level of fitness.

The Windy ridge walkers path is adjacent and can offer an easier ascent when no snow. The route utilises the Daylodge Poma track and M2 piste, if the Poma is running please ascend out with the snow fences.

Starting point is the base of the Daylodge Poma lookers left of the Funicular Base Station by the Coire Cas carpark.

From here ascend following the towtrack heading North East.

At 770m elevation the poma lift dog-legs to the right and east-souht-east for 250m before meeting the M2 piste. The M2 piste ascends right, up and south-south-east from the top of the poma.

Follow the lookers right fences up the pitch to top out to shallower terrain at 950m with a cracking view of the resort and Northern Coires. Continue to follow the fences which after 500m meets the Ciste ski pistes.

Please have caution around the downhill skiers and keep lookers right and preferably to the right hand side of the fences as you ascend to stay off the piste. The Ptarmigan top station should be clearly visible.

This route, although in the ski-area, is situated in the Scottish Mountains, for the purposes of safety we recommend considering your journey.

We have a handy 6 point guide here -