A breathtaking tour of Boston's rich history


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The Commonwealth Avenue Mall stretches for nearly two miles through the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, creating a picturesque corridor adorned with trees, flowers, and monuments.

It serves as both a scenic promenade and a tribute to notable figures and events in history. As you stroll along the mall, you'll encounter a series of statues and monuments honoring various individuals and milestones.

These sculptures represent a diverse array of subjects, from literary figures and political leaders to military heroes and cultural icons. One of the most prominent monuments along the mall is the Alexander Hamilton Statue, located at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Arlington Street.

This bronze statue commemorates the founding father's contributions to American history and serves as a focal point for the mall's western end. Continuing eastward, you'll come across other notable landmarks, such as the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, which pays tribute to the Massachusetts 54th Regiment, one of the first African American units to fight in the Civil War.

This powerful monument features a bronze relief sculpture depicting Shaw and his troops marching into battle. Further along the mall, you'll see the Vendome Firefighters Memorial, which honors the brave firefighters who lost their lives in the 1972 Hotel Vendome fire.

This poignant monument serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by Boston's first responders. As you explore the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, you'll also appreciate its scenic beauty, with tree-lined pathways, manicured lawns, and seasonal plantings adding to the ambiance.