A short, casual loop trail through native Hawaiian forest and eucalyptus grove.


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This short and scenic 0.6 mile loop winds through introduced eucalyptus forest before opening into the native scrubland and restored native Hawaiian forest.

This is a great hike for families and provides the best opportunity to see native wildlife within the Summit district of the National Park.

The loop can be shortened to just under half a mile with a short-cut that bypasses the upper elevations of the hillside. The fragrant eucalyptus trees that shade the ‘alien’ section of the trail were planted in the 1900s to research which species would best control erosion and provide suitable timber.

Learn about the recent history of the landscape and early attempts at reforestation with non-native species with the interpretative signage present throughout.

Hosmer Grove is also home to some of Maui's most threatened birds, including the colorful, curved billed 'i'iwi honeycreeper.

These birds feed on the nectar of the native species, including the distinctive ‘Ō’hia Lehua, in the native forests along the trail.

There is one bird viewing area with benches and mounted viewing scopes as well as several lookouts.

Other birds frequenting the trail include the yellow-green ‘Amakihi and the ‘Apapane, who produce a whirring sound as they fly overhead making them easily identifiable.

The trail begins at the Hosmer Grove campground, just past the National Park entrance.

Pit toilets and a water refill station are available.

Additional parking is located at the Supply Trail trailhead, down the road.

Resources: <a href="http://npshistory.com/brochures/hale/birds-summit.pdf ">Birds of the Summit District</a> <a href = "https://www.nps.gov/places/hosmer-grove-trailhead.htm">NPS</a>