A quick singletrack loop located right on the outskirts of Barcelona.


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This short singletrack loop in Collserola is rideable directly from the outskirts of Barcelona.

Like all of the rides here, you could opt to take the funicular to the top of the mountain instead of pedaling up the road, but for a loop this short… you might as well pedal up the mountain for a bit of a workout! After climbing the pavement to the top of the ridge, the route mapped here drops into La Muralla China trails.

If you're aiming for the quickest route to the St.

Pere Martir descent, you can opt to traverse along the top of the ridge directly to the descent. But if you have the time, you should ride La Muralla China.

La Muralla China trails are truly delightful stretches of singletrack traversing the backside of the ridge, facing away from Barcelona.

Twisting and turning through the deep undergrowth, even though you were in downtown Barcelona just a few minutes ago, it now feels like you're riding your bike deep in the forest in the absolute middle of nowhere! While La Muralla China is relatively smooth, the smooth bench cut singletrack is punctuated by short, steep climbs and descents, root webs, and the occasional rock feature.

This bonus loop through the woods provides a delightful, mellow singletrack pedal—the perfect reward for the effort you expended climbing the mountain.

After pedaling around on these bench cut trails, the route punches up the mountain to regain the ridge.

After finishing the climb to the ridge's highpoint, it's time to descend! St.

Pere Martir drops straight down the nose of the ridge, making a beeline for the outskirts of Barcelona.

This steep trail is extremely eroded and rocky in places, with loose, sliding rocks, blown-out bomb holes, root drops, and tons of steep gnar.

A few sections are smooth and fast, but then it's back to washed out singletrack.

Suddenly, you're back down in the city.

Unfortunately, this descent isn't all that gratifying.

It has a few pleasant moments, but the highlight of the route is undoubtedly La Muralla China.

For an alternative descent down the mountain that's a little more rewarding (but admittedly, even more technical and more demanding), check out [Antenna -> Pedrera](https://fatmap.com/routeid/416670/Antenna_-%3E_Pedrera_Fast_Lap/@39.6806141,-105.2063490,38007.2267504,-89.8821253,0,1953.3053631,normal).