Resaca to Zoni


1 - 2









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This hike encompasses two of the most remote and less accessed beaches in Culebra; Resaca and Brava Beach, along with Zoni.

Which is a a popular beach to spend the day at, swimming and sunbathing.

The hike starts with a hike down to Resaca beach, which is steep and requires some bush crafting and scrambling to reach the beach.

Once at the beach, you walk along the coast to the east (rightside of the beach), all the way to Brava.

Throughout the hike across the peninsula towards Brava, you will encounter a lot of vantage points to snap pictures or videos, and you will be doing some scrambling up and down rocks to continue towards Brava Beach.

Once you arrive to Brava Beach, you will walk its entirety until you hit the other side of the beach and begin the hike from Bravado Zone, where you will find plenty of vantage points to take photos/videos and find plenty of naturally occurring tidal pools, where you can jump in and cool off.

Once you hit Playa Tortolo, which is a small little beach that separates Zoni and Brava, you will continue walking through the coast, until you hit Zoni Beach.

Once in Zoni, walk all the way down to its parking lot.