A beautiful bike path ride through the Rio Grand Bosque.


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The Rio Grande Bosque is one of Albuquerque's true gems.

Due to the Rio Grande's historic propensity to flood, the city's construction was kept well back from the waterway, leaving this incredible green space running through the heart of the city. Today, the Bosque is an unbelievable recreational asset for ABQ.

From dog walkers to runners, road cyclists, gravel bikers, mountain bikers, and more, all types and stripes of local residents utilize the gorgeous trails running through the Bosque. The route shown here is a 100% paved bike path ride on Paseo Del Bosque.

It begins on the northern end of the trail, runs to the Chavez Loop on the southern end, and returns to the start at Alameda/Rio Grande Open Space.

For cyclists who want to ride but hate dealing with the life-threatening risks associated with riding in traffic, Paseo Del Bosque is THE place to go.

Miles and miles of pristine pavement, beautiful trees, glimpses of the river—does it get any better?! Additional bike paths head both east and west from the Bosque, which can be used to create longer loops if you so desire.

Inevitably, you'll probably need to use some short stretches of road to connect those paths, so for a true car-free experience, stick to this route. Over its 32.5-mile distance, this route climbs a scant 500 vertical feet—making it as close to pancake flat as you're likely to find.

While flat riding can get boring after a while, the flatness does mean that Paseo del Bosque is a great place to get started with cycling if you're new to the sport.

There's always a silver lining to be found!