A remote, rugged run to the summit of House Mountain.


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If you want to escape the crowds on Sedona's most popular trails, consider tackling this lengthy run to the summit of House Mountain.

House Mountain is a mid-Miocene shield volcano forming part of the skyline to the southwest of Sedona.

Rising to a height of 5,131 feet, this is a rugged adventure that strays far from the standard Sedona tourist tracks. The route shown here approaches House Mountain via the Turkey Creek trail before following FR 9952C to reach the final trail to the summit of the mountain.

Turkey Creek follows a narrow valley up into the mountains above Red Rock State Park.

The trail crosses the creek several times as it climbs.

During the spring, the creek crossings can sometimes be deep and swift.

And if you attempt this run in the winter, be cautious of potential icy conditions. As you get higher up the trail, the route can sometimes grow faint and difficult to follow as you negotiate your way along rocky sections and around boulders.

If you want a tourist-style run, stick to the better-known trails in Sedona.

But if you want an adventure, then Turkey Creek to House Mountain is for you! Sources: https://www.gohikeit.com/2018/01/turkey-creek-trail-sedona-hike.html/ https://www.10adventures.com/hikes/sedona/turkey-creek-trail/ https://azgs.arizona.edu/photo/house-mountain-shield-volcano-sedona-arizona