One of the best-developed jump lines on Mammoth Mountain.









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Pipeline is one of the best-developed jump lines on Mammoth Mountain.

With big tabletops and a few wooden takeoffs, advanced mountain bikers can push the envelope and get sendy AF! In fact, "Pipeline has 2 large gaps at the top of the trail,” according to [Mammoth Mountain](

"Both are wooden takeoffs that have a mellow (blue) side.

For the first gap, you’re going to need to carry some speed off of Flow and pedal around the blind corner, which will put you right in front of a perfect takeoff requiring a ton of air – this is Thing One.

It's advisable to hit the blue side first to get used to the run-in.

Thing Two comes soon after and is a step-up with two sides.

The gap side (black) requires speed, but again, the blue side can be ridden over and allows you to work your way up to its bigger brother next to it.” In addition to gap jumps, you’ll find the Monolith wooden up-and-over feature.

"This large wooden up-and-over begs to be hit at speed after coming off some fun little doubles,” writes [Mammoth Mountain](

"Get ready to pull some G’s through the right-hand turn below the landing.” Add in plenty of berms, trestles, and a big step-up, and it’s easy to see why Pipeline is such a crowd pleaser. Sources: