A gorgeous mixed-surface loop into the backside of Arches National Park.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Willow Springs Road provides a dirty way to get up into the backside of Arches National Park, making for a stellar mixed-surface drop-bar ride! The route shown here begins at the Lions Park trailhead, but if you so choose you can easily pedal to Lions Park from downtown Moab via the bike path.

From Lions Park, the ride begins climbing via the Moab Canyon Pathway, passing the main entrance to Arches and heading uphill through beautiful rock formations. After passing under the main highway, the path ends at the junction with Highway 313.

The route shown here heads toward the gas station and picks up a rough doubletrack road to finish the connection to Willow Springs in order to avoid the highway. The first stretch of Willow Springs road is wide, heavily-traveled, and well-maintained.

However, it can get washboarded due to traffic.

After pedaling through the Klonzo Trail System, the road will get rougher and narrower, and you'll see a sign noting the entrance to Arches National Park—you made it! From here on out, the road is narrow and sandy, but largely free of traffic.

Be sure to savor this beautiful stretch of pedaling along a wide-open mesa, with views of Arches improving as you draw ever closer. Soon, you'll reach a right turn onto the paved road, which leads through the southwestern region of Arches, providing spectacular views of stunning rock formations the entire way! Pedaling through national parks is always a surreal experience.

As you see people drive by in their climate-controlled vehicles, not even bothering to step out and take in the view, you may realize that by immersing yourself in the warmth of the sun and the cool of the breeze, you are experiencing the park in a much more intimate way than millions of typical tourists. The ride finishes with a fast, twisty downhill to the entrance station, where you'll pick up the bike path to return to Lions Park or downtown Moab.