Linkup of Full South Shoulder, Flower, and Pacman Couloirs


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



Linkup of the 3 lines above Bow Summit (South Shoulder, Flower Stem and Petals, Pacman Couloir).

We had a lovely day with Andrew and Gavin in April 2022.

I can't recall if we did SS to Flower to Pacman or Pacman to SS to Flower, but any combination would be similar.

Despite being somewhat north facing, each of these lines can receive considerable solar input and rapid warming in the afternoon.

It might be nice to get pacman out of the way first--the other two can be managed easier if the day grows long.

Terrain complexity is subject to wind and sun.

Flower stem is straightforward with minimal exposure: quick ascent and descent.

The upper bowl can get loaded and often has hanging cornices.

It will sluff and could step down if skied too late.

South shoulder is very straightforward and can be skinned to the corner.

It's upper elbow is a bit tight but more hidden from wind/sun.

It was thin and variable in April '22.

Lower half provided bottomless holiday turns.

Pacman brings the most complex terrain of the 3, but still quite manageable.

The choke tilts skiers left into the wall and sluffs considerably; any falls would likely bring one into a bad place.

Although it looks inviting, I'd recommend staying off the west facing bowl below Pacman as it sees massive afternoon sun.

When I first tried this linkup in 2021, we arrived below Pacman too late in the day and quickly bailed at the debris from a terrifying 3.5 that ripped out the upper face and stopped only when the lake got in the way. Crampons are ideal to bootpack all 3 lines.

One could get away without in hardboots.

Axes shouldn't be required but may add a welcomed sense of security.