Dolomite Circuit via Crystal Ridge (Sugar Cube)



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Dolomite Circuit via Crystal Ridge (Sugar Cube) A fun objective, adding a bit of technical skiing to the dolomite circuit.

Route finding up the west side of Crystal Ridge may be tricky: the sun and wind tend to create a very firm crust.

Some class 4 was required to enter the Sugar Cube from above in Feb 24 (the only place you'd want crampons and/or axe).

A more straightforward descent lies just NW.

Despite the grade on the drawn GPX, both aspects are around 40-42 degrees and receive considerable wind loading.

Choose your descent wisely.

Across the lakes, the west face of Helen ridge has a bit of complex skinning over moderate exposure--a safer route exists on the north end of Lake Helen.

The east face of Helen ridge provides excellent low angle skiing (often wind loaded).

The last half of the route is pretty grim honestly.

Slog around Dolomite to the OXO/Dolomite col, which should mark your last transition if you maintain speed and walk through the trees after the Dolomite terrain trap.

Exit from there may not be correct on this map, follow your nose.

Path of least resistance is shared with the Dolomite shoulder/OXO/Puzzle exits.

You shouldn't need to drop down into Mosquito creek. Had a lovely day up here with Adam, Nick, and Rowan in February 2024.

I dropped a glove on the far side of Dolomite, the sun set, Rowan and Nick had a minor benighting, Adam was fine.

Instant classic.

Hitching back to the car is ideal but don't expect much traffic if you arrive late. Italian Amphetamines (you get it)