A long and spectacular ridge journey through the heart of Oahu


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Mānana Ridge Trail offers stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, nearby islands, and the surrounding landscapes of Oahu, and the views just get better as you climb further along the ridge. We've drawn the line going all the way to the end of the ridge, just to the north of Eleao peak, but you can just hike as much of it as you like.

Going all the way does mean that you get the exceptional views to the east, rather than "just" the vistas to the west, but it does make for a long and hot day.

If you go for the full thing, carry plenty of water and sunscreen! The hike is an out-and-back, so even if you plan to do it all, you can always change your mind and turn back if needs be, The trail has a steady incline with some steep sections and rocky terrain, but there are plenty of spots at which to stop and take in the view while you catch your breath. As well as the views, the trail also has lush vegetation including native Hawaiian plants such as koa and ohia trees, so there is beauty to behold close at hand as well as in the distance.