A bit of la graving in the Stubaier alps!


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Proper exposure on this one! The skiing is never difficult, generally 35°, at the steeper sections ~40°.

But, there are cliffs in the fall-line until the very end.

Focus is required.

Make sure to wait for safe conditions.

Due to the cliffs, an avalanche is likely desastrous. If you've been on the Wilder Freiger or Großer Trögler before, you might have seen the line, it's quite obvious.

You can even see the line right when you leave the Brenner autobahn! So it was probably skied before, but we didn't find any documentation.

Approach like the classic tours to Zuckerhütl and Wilder Pfaff.

From the summit of Wilder Pfaff, ski north until you reach a flatter area where a big snow field goes down steeply on the right.

With good snow, the snowfield is perfect for charging.

But don't ski too far down, or you'll miss the traverse! (There is a second option a bit lower down, it's steeper and more exposed) After the traverse, you find yourself in a bowl shaped snowfield.

Leave it on the right (where it meets the lower traverse) and the ski down to reach the exit of the line.

Depending on conditions, just ski, straightline, drop, or rappel to reach a cone feature leading you to the glacier.

From here on it's straightforward.

If you plan to rappel, make sure to get an idea of how long the rappel is currently, it can vary a lot.

Our rappel was about 25m.