Fast, flowy descents filled with bermy wall rides and techy rock gardens.


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The Chutes, AKA Stratton Open Space, is best-known for the fast, flowy descent off of Gold Camp Road, down into the heart of the trail system.

The iconic descent is fast and flowy, with wall rides-turned-berms helping keep the riders’ speed at top-notch.

Small optional kickers offer airtime opportunities on the descent, and rock gardens will keep riders’ technical abilities well-honed.

If you follow the route shown here, the climbing trail to the top will force you to work both on your cardio, and on your slow speed tech skills.

Rock gardens with large, blocky up-and-overs form classic Colorado Springs singletrack and between the big rocks, Colorado Front Range decomposed granite can make for slippery climbing.

While the Chutes may not be the most epic mountain biking destination ever, what it loses out on in epicness it makes up for in accessibility.

Located within the city limits of the major city of Colorado Springs, this trail system is a go-to destination for the residents of the Springs.

Consequently, trail traffic in Stratton Open Space can be very high, and all of these trails are legally open for two-way traffic.

Ride heads up and aware of possible oncoming traffic… despite bombing down so-called “Chutes”.