A blazing-fast access road that was home to one of the original downhill mountain bike races!


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The Kamikaze Downhill Race that shares its name with this trail is widely considered to be the nation's first downhill mountain bike race ever.

Started in 1985, "the race would have an immediate impact across the cycling country and not only change the face of mountain biking, Kamikaze changed the ski industry," according to [VisitMammoth.com](https://www.visitmammoth.com/blogs/mammoth-trail-blazers-mountain-bike-racing-mammoth-mountain).

"As they said in the '80s, the race was 'like totally rad, dude!'" While these days the race has faded out, you can still ride the original high-speed Kamikaze Downhill on Mammoth Mountain.

Starting at 11,000 feet at the summit of the resort, the run blazes straight down the mountain on a wide access road.

But the steep grades and wide-open course make for blazing-fast speeds, with riders in the race routinely hitting speeds of up to 65 miles per hour! If you ride at a slightly slower pass, the wide, loose road isn't nearly as challenging… but blasting at top-notch requires expert-level bike handling skills! Since Kamikaze is one of the few runs that begins on the summit of the mountain, if you do choose to slow down you'll enjoy jaw-dropping scenery from the wide-open alpine zone.