A 2-3 day mountaineering adventure crossing the Mount Cook Range



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Trek across a high mountain pass surrounded by New Zealand's highest peaks and longest glacier.

Cross the Mount Cook Range from the Tasman Valley to the Hooker Valley.

Watch ice avalanches tumble down the impressive 2000m high Caroline Face of Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest ice face. The traditional route follows the Ball Ridge past Caroline Hut to cross Ball Pass 2121m before descending to the Hooker Valley.

Enjoy spectacular views of the South Face of Aoraki Mount Cook, Mount Sefton, Mount La Perouse and many of New Zealand's highest peaks. <b>BALL PASS ROUTE DAMAGE<br><i>Intense and prolonged rainfall during December 2019 caused significant damage to the traditional Ball Pass route down the east Hooker Valley.

Multiple washouts and unstable moraine walls need to be crossed to complete this route.</i></b> <b><i>The recommended alternative is to take the modern Ball Pass route instead - it covers all of the highlights of the traditional route and spends more time in alpine terrain without the need to cross loose and crumbling moraine walls: https://fatmap.com/routeid/3594839/ball-pass-the-modern-route </i></b> Previous mountaineering experience is recommended if doing Ball Pass unguided.

Crampons and ice axe are required.

The route crosses exposed ledges, rough alpine scree and boulder fields, snow slopes, glaciers, steep tussock slopes and alpine scrub.

In most places there is no trail.

The terrain is rugged and untracked, route-finding is difficult. 2-3 days alpine trekking / mountaineering across moraine walls, snowfields, glaciers, rough scree, boulder fields and alpine meadows. <b>Guided option:</b> Ball Pass Crossing https://alpinerecreation.com/ballpasscrossing.html