An advanced route to explore the stunning summit of Parnassos, and the one of a kind Tripios Vrachos.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



The route starts from Profitis Ilias, the upper station of lift Vacchos.

After a small downhill section, skins are required to start the route.

You keep the ridgeline on your left.

On the way to Touborachi, you have the option to go closer to the peak line and scout your line for the descents from Liakoura and Tripios Vrachos, that would follow. As you come closer to Touborachi you traverse around it, keeping the peak on your left.

Once you get at the start of the first downhill section, it is time to remove the skins.

You might want to keep some speed at the end of this descent, in order to reach the base of the path to Liakoura. Now you would need to use the skins again and stay on the left of the ridge for the ascent.

Liakoura is the summit of Parnassos, with a stunning view.

The last meters until the peak are exposed to the wind, and therefore you should expect the snow there to be icy.

If you have Crampons, you should use them now, to stay safe.

The area around the summit has the highest exposure.

It's time to remove the skins and get down the West face.

One option is to stay North-West and explore a narrow couloir, or get down from the wide West face.

As long as you ski straight down and not traverse a lot to the North, the last ascent to Tripios Vrachos should be relatively easy, with less than 90m vertical. Once you get there, you can pack the skins, you shouldn't need them again to get to Fterolaka.

Now you have again two options to start the run.

You can ski down the wide North-West face, or you can drop from inside Tripios Vrachos to the narrow couloir on your North.

Enjoy your last run for the day. You should be able to see a snow road opposite to you, and a bit higher in elevation.

This is the route 24 of the resort, that you want to join later (its elevation drops significantly) to get to Fterolaka.

From now on, keep as much elevation as possible so you won't have to walk. Congratulations! you've made it! You can now ski to Fterolaka Chalet and Parking at 1790m.

If you need to use the lift to get to Kelaria you should check the operating times as hours may vary (they usually stay running until 3pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends). The route, including stops (90min in total), should take around 4-5 hours, with a slow pace or 3-4 with an average-strong pace. You can park your car in Fterolaka 1790m (when there is less snow) or Fterolaka 1590m, take the lifts to Vacchos top station to start the route, and then ski to your car.