A scenic bike ride to the far end of the dream valley and back again. A long but relatively flat outing taking in the majestic waterfalls of Sixt fer à Cheval. The route joins the road to avoid technical sections but is mostly on easy trails. Works well as an E-Bike tour.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



The route starts at Lac Bleu in Morillon where there is plenty of parking.

Cruise along the flat riverside trails and enjoy peaceful forests for around 7 kilometres.

At Le Perret, join the road to climb up towards Sixt fer a Cheval, stopping at the bridge by the Gorge de Tines parking to take a look down into the white water river canyon.

The route follows the road through a series of beautiful hamlets up to the Cirque fer a Cheval, saving the off road trails for the return leg. Pause to take in the views at the cirque fer a Cheval before continuing on to the Bout de Monde (end of the world) taking either the right or left side of the river.

The waterfalls and mountains here are breathtaking. Careful as you crow the small rope bridge at the far end of the valley (it’s a bit narrow and wobbly) and start the long ride back, making sure you are on the right side of the river after the big bridge as this takes in a nice forest trail. When the trail meets the main road, take the trails to the left of the river all the way back down to Sixt fer a Cheval. Take the road for 300 metres then left at the gorge de tines parking down the steep gravel track.

Which eventually rejoins the main road at Le Perret. Turn right into Vallon d’En Haut and enjoy the tranquil farming vibe.

Turn right again in Vallon d’En Bas and cross the river and ride through the centre of Samoens. I took the road back via Verchaix as i was pressed for time but you could rejoin the same river trail you began with the finish the ride back to Morillon.