Fantastic fall-line skiing on the eastern side of the northernmost part of Europe


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FATMAP difficulty grade



Reserved for stupid skiers only, with a high background in dumb things.

If you’re truly enjoy ski and wish to take your beloved at the 71st parallel, you will find a vertiginous 300m descent, offering a pure skiing couloir experience for each meter. To reach this magnificent and aesthetically pleasing segment of Europe, veer off the main road at the electrical pylon.

It may seem like you've arrived at nowhere, and that's exactly right..

Follow the white snow directly to a breach.

One of the main hazard to manage is both « rocky sharks » on the couloir and white sharks in the sea if you fail your last turn.

As the slope is extremely wild, we have not installed safety nets at the end of the couloir.

After your remarkable descent, you can return to the starting point by following the hiking trail.

It is occasionally aided by handrails in a unique Himalayan style, at sea level. As of now, we are the only two most stupid skiers to have tackled this.

We'll give you a cookie if you also go to Nordkapp by yourself using bikes and ski this line. Cheers, Shim, Duthduth, and Yvan le caribou