At Mozirska koča, on the Morava mountain, we start the hike along the footpath that leads to Smrekovac. After the chapel, where the markings of the Golte route lead us, we keep to the left. The path, which continues to climb through the forest, quickly leads us to Ledenica (a cave in which snow remains long into the summer). We continue the path through the forest towards the pastures. We continue along the mountain to a small pass, where the next crossroads is. We can turn right towards Boskovac (as it is on the map and it will take us less than 30 minutes) or we can continue straight down the path in the direction of Smrekovac. The path ahead first descends over a scenic grassy slope, and then passes into the forest. After approximately 20 minutes of descent, the path leads us to the Kal pass (1318 m), where we cross the forest road (possible continuation by road). The marked footpath then climbs steeply through the dense forest and continues along the Kal ridge. The lonely path along the Kal ridge later begins to descend and brings us to Atelska sedlo, where we enter the forest road that leads from Ljubne towards the home on Smrekovec. Here we can continue to the right in the direction of home on Smrekovec, and the road then quickly leads us to the next intersection, where we turn left up (again in the direction of home on Smrekovec) or cross the road and follow the path straight through the forest. We then follow this road, which gradually passes out of the forest, to the mentioned mountain lodge.


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