Cliff or drop that can be sent multiple ways









FATMAP difficulty grade



Superman Is a small cliff or band that can be sent anywhere from 3 feet to 30 if you know what you're doing.

There are usually two sections, an upper cliff and a lower one.

The lower one is a little shelf on the cliff that you can get to by going around the upper section to the right or left, and side step a few feet.

If you don't pop, you might land on rocks, so make sure to stay forward in your boots and pop out not up.

The upper section, can be pretty gnarly, one option is to straight line between two rocks and launch the lower section up to about 12 feet if you pop correctly.

The other option is to stay above the drop around 10 feet or maybe even 20 if you want to launch, when you're ready to turn the bend and send, make sure to pop a lot, so you can gap both sections.

On a powder day, dudes will send this as big as possible, around 30 ft.

When the lip is built well you can backflip, and maybe it's possible to dub, but I don't think someone's ever done that.

Early season, this cliff is ass.

Getting into it there are straight rocks.

To get here take the south bowl traverse a long way to the bottom of zits, you will be above a small tree section, go to the far right of the trees and you will see a little alley about 8 or so feet wide, follow it down and you will find the cliff.

There is also a few other options besides the main cliff, like instead of going down the alley, cut left, make your way through the trees and you should find a 10 ft or so drop.

This is usually a better alternative to superman when its super skied out.