Via Ferrata Penya Llisa, K3 difficulty, located in the town of Parcent, in the province of Alicante.









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As the via ferrata itself is short, we decided to take the long way round, via the PR-CV 158.

We parked on the side of the road where two cars could fit.

The ascent to the via ferrata is short, but it is intense.

It is an official road, and there are signs so as not to get lost, but it is noticeable that few people use it and it becomes a goat track.

However, it is a very good "leg warmer" for the via ferrata! Recommended for those who like a bit of adventure! There are other alternatives to reach the via ferrata: - The easiest is to park at the Coll de Rates viewpoint.

From there you can follow the path and walk to the start of the via ferrata or rappel down.

There are 3 belay stations (the first to go down the second part of the via ferrata, which would be about 20m, and the other two to divide the first part - 20m and 20m, we would say).

If you decide to do the rappel, keep in mind that the ropes will probably rub quite a bit.

Consider taking a rope protector with you.

- If you want to walk a bit earlier, you can go up the way we came back.

It is a dirt track, much more comfortable than the one we took.

The via ferrata.

It consists of two sections.

The first section has two rappel points, for escape or if you decide to rappel down, as explained above.

The first section has several overhangs.

It is demanding and requires strength and technique.

It is a real K3.

The second section is shorter but just as intense, with several overhangs.

At the end of the via ferrata there is a rappel point and another point where a handrail can be made.

The via ferrata itself is interesting, very well equipped but short.

It is a vertical wall, but with some flanking sections.

It is a demanding K3 that requires strength in the arms to pass the various overhangs.

If you park at the bottom, at Parcent, you have a 40-minute ascent and a 30-minute descent.

Ideal to extend the day.

We did not do the rappels, so the above measurements are taken from the GPS data.