This route is about 13 km long and starts in Calles, goes through the waterway to Chelva and returns via the Roman aqueduct and Peña Cortada.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



When we arrive in Calles, we will find a large area next to a picnic area where we will park.

From there we start the Water Route to Chelva.

Section 1: The Water Route, from Calles to Chelva This is a well known section, very easy to follow the tracks.

It is a beautiful route, you walk along the river until you reach Chelva.

Ideal for children.

Section 2: Chelva - Roman Aqueduct After crossing the town of Chelva, we head towards the aqueduct.

This section can be long as we have to walk most of the way along the road until we reach the parking lot closest to the aqueduct.

There we will find informative signs about the different routes we can take.

Section 3: The Roman aqueduct and the footbridges of Peña Cortada This is undoubtedly the most interesting and enjoyable part of the route.

First we reach the aqueduct and then we go through the tunnels and walkways.

A very entertaining section with a very beautiful landscape.

From here we follow the path that takes us back to Calles.

It is a very interesting route, but not all the sections are beautiful.

What stands out the most is the route of the water and the part by the footbridges/tunnels of Peña Cortada.

The road and path sections can seem long at times.

This route can be modified at will.

It can be done in the opposite direction, starting at Peña Cortada and returning by the water route.

It can also be shortened or lengthened, depending on the variant chosen to visit the area of Peña Cortada.