Perfect tour up Perfect Peak


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Nested in the Selkirks Mountains of British Columbia, Perfect Peak is a 2600m summit sandwiched between White Russian Col and Perfect Pass.

This ~15km (depends how many laps you do) loop is a solid day trip option out of the Sorcerer Lodge when snow conditions allow for safe high-alpine glacier travel. Starting from the lodge, you ski down and around the Moraine to where the Nordic Lakes are before putting the skins on and trekking towards Perfect Ramp.

Follow the Ramp for a few kilometres until you reach the bottom of the Perfect Glacier where you’ll want to get ready for glacier travel.

**NOTE**: Glaciers in this region move quite a bit, so studying recent summer imagery can be very helpful in addition to following typical glacier travel best practices.

Take note of where all the cornices are when headed up the glacier as they can be of significant size and you don’t want to accidentally step out onto one when climbing up the ridge! Coming around the corner of the ridge, there is a sub peak where you can take a short break before the summit push.

Just be aware of the helicopter pad here and stay clear of the area when a helicopter is in the area! The boot pack up the ridge to the summit is moderately steep.

I recommend skiers leave their skis at the sub-peak before boot packing up to the summit if steep chutes with mandatory air is outside of your comfort zone.

This saves some weight when walking up.

Just make sure you anchor them properly there away from the heli-pad as it can get quite windy at times! After you’ve bagged the summit, the glacier can be lapped as much as you want with virtually unlimited pow.

Keep in mind this terrain is shared with the heli-skiing operation, so stay to the east of any heli-skiing tracks that are there! Keep an eye out for crevasses skier’s right and at the top of the glacier just under the Ridgeline facing North.

The ski-out is fairly simple.

Skin back up towards the bench that you toured in from and ski down the bench.

This part can be quite fun and flowy to ski, just watch out for wind features and rocks! Once you get close to the corner by Ventego Creek, stay skiers’ left and traverse as high as you can to reduce the amount of distance you need to skin back up and across the Moraine back to the lodge! **NOTE:** This route traverses through complex avalanche terrain and glaciated terrain.

Guided travel through Sorcerer Lodge is highly recommended.

Check the daily forecast and reports and ensure your crew is trained and well practiced in companion rescue and glacier travel.