Circular route of 7km that passes through the cove of Corral d'en Guillem and the viewpoint of Sa Penya Esbarrada.


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Located in the town of Santa Agnés de Corona, this route is of medium difficulty, rather for the climb/climb that we have to do to leave the cove and climb to the viewpoint of Sa Penya Esbarrada.

The rest of the route has no difficulty and passes through wide and well laid out paths. We park in the parking lot of the Restaurant Portes del Cel.

There are few places and probably fills up quickly in high season, especially when the restaurant is open.

Further on, there is space on one side of the road to leave the car. Section 1: From the parking lot to Cala Corral d'en Guillem We are not going to lie.

This section is the least interesting of the route, especially the first part which is a road section.

However, when we get closer to the sea, we start to have very nice views towards the cliffs.

When we reach the cove is when we really enjoy the walk, the scenery and the views.

It is a very nice and quiet cove, as the access is not so easy. Section 2: From Corral d'en Guillem cove to Ses Margalides viewpoint Leaving the cove, we have to climb, sometimes scrambling, a good stretch to reach a "decent" path.

From there, we follow a path that will take us to a viewpoint, where we can appreciate the formation of Ses Margalides and the cliffs that surround it. Section 3: From the viewpoint of Ses Margalides to the viewpoint of Sa Penya Esbarrada We continue climbing until we return to the area where we left the car.

We go straight to the other side to go to the viewpoint of Sa Penya Estabrrada.

During the climb, we see this viewpoint a few meters above us, with its curious formation with a hole in the stone.

From the viewpoint itself, it is less visible, except if we get very close to the edge.

This viewpoint allows us to have 360º views over the surroundings of this route. It is a very nice route and highly recommended if you are in the area.

You could avoid going all the way around to get to the cove by simply taking the path in reverse.

However, the descent to reach the cove would be very steep and more difficult.

The good thing about turning around is that we go down to the cove on a very easy trail.