Circular route of 6.60km from the beach of Cala de Xarraca, passing through the Cuevas del Levante and Es Canaret cove.


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Located in the north of the island of Ibiza, this route is of low-moderate difficulty, going around the cliffs and down to some beautiful caves carved into the sea.

The moderate difficulty is due to the existence of some sections where we have to climb a little.

Nothing complicated but it adds a bit of excitement to this hiking route.

We parked in the large parking lot of the beach of Cala de Xarraca.

There is plenty of space during the low season.

In high season, however, we advise you go early to avoid running out of space as it is a place quite frequented by tourists.

Section 1 We start the route walking along the beach of Cala de Xarraca until we reach the wooden huts.

As it is among sand and stones, we must be careful in this section as the stones can be slippery.

Section 2 We leave the beach and climb up the cliff.

From there we enjoy incredible views.

Section 3 After walking through foliage following a semi marked footpath, we arrive at the Cuevas del Levante, the most beautiful part of this route.

Caves carved by the sea that are both impressive and at the same time offer peace and tranquility.

Section 4 We go up the cliff again until we reach the Es Canaret cove.

It is not a cove itself but a bathing area, small and with no beach.

The area is nice and certainly ideal in summer to have a swim before going back to the car.

We very much enjoyed this route in winter.

Keep in mind that there is hardly any shade along the route, so it is not advisable to do this route in full sun during the summer.

It is a beautiful route that takes us through some hidden places of the island.