A 14-kilometre loop from the Fuente de los Cloticos to the Estrecho del Cascajar, through the Ríos de Arriba and the village of Molinar, in the town of Bejís (Valencia).


3 - 4









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We parked at the Fuente de los Cloticos picnic area.

From there the route starts down some steps.

The route is very easy to follow, there are markings at several points to show us the way.

We rate it as medium, due to the distance and the incline.

However, there are no difficult sections and the climbs are not steep.

Be careful in the Estrecho, as there are some climbs and it can be complicated when the stone is wet.

Every part of this route is worth it.

First you walk along a path by the river, up through the forest to a viewpoint, down and along the riverbed until you cross the Estrecho.

A highly recommended route! Important note: This route was completed in April 2024.

The area suffered a major fire in August 2022.

The first part of the route goes through the recovering forest.

The Palancia River is dry, both the pool at the start of the route and the Molinar Pool and Nacimiento del Río at the end.

Nevertheless, it is a beautiful route, and the crossing of the Estrecho del Cascajar is a real pass.

Let's hope that nature can flourish again to make this route even more magical than it already is.